The Horsham Arts Council’s Broadway Showcase is a revue style variety show highlighting 24 musicals that have never been performed by HAC. The show will consist of a mix of songs, ranging from classical to contemporary numbers with a few modern takes mixed in, featuring songs from musicals such as Hamilton, Sweet Charity, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Mary Poppins, Into the Woods and many more.  The Showcasefeatures 66 performers and includes dance numbers, solo singing, ensemble work, trios, duets and more. The HAC are thrilled to present the Broadway Showcase.

Performance Dates

May 2021

Horsham Town Hall


Production Team

Producer: Jessica Wilson
Director: Debbie Boutcher
Assistant Directors: Erin Boutcher & Stacey Brennan
Choreographers: Loucas Vettos, Jessica Wilson & Brittany Bates
Vocal Directors: Stacey Brennan & Chris Versteegan


Claudia Lopez
Harriet Overman
Estelle Hahne
Stephanie Wundke
Chloe Martin
Ebony Hart
Ulani Hobbs
Adriene Dawson
Malachy O’Brian
Orlan Hart
Tadhg McGrath
Marni Saunders
Zara Nichols
Paige Millar
Sienna Walsgott
Liberty Hobbs

James Henwood
Nick Wilson
Jamie Thomas
Barry Crewther
Chris Versteegen
Simon Dandy
Tim O’Donnell
Beau Ladlow
Josh Lloyd
Darcy Hogan
Grant Johnson
Murray Millar
Mark Deckert
Noah Mibus
Caleb Eilola
Loucas Vettos

Brittany Bates
Sophie Trudel
Anna Robarts
Esther Fry
Emily Friedrichsen
Venetia Elbourne- Hobbs
Stacey Brennan
Rachel De Graca Costa
Jess Wilson
Ruby Huff
Alison Rintoule
Sandy Wills
Zoe Hanson
Kira Guest
Libby Brennan
Jan Dunlop
Sophie Koschmann
Pam Deckert
Jemima Olston
Pearl Dark
Baylee McLean
Lucia Lopez O’Donnell
Louise Barnett
Rochelle Ough
Faye Johns
Lacey Rudolph
Lisa Thomas
Louise Ryan
Sammy Sordello
Tahli Burford
Georgia Thomas
Lara Schmidt
Emma Naylor
Alayna Toporzisek
Hanna Liersch